• Brad Behn

To swab or not to swab?

Some people have suggested that swabbing a mouthpiece can cause harm; the swab can act as an abrasive and over time cause the internals of the mouthpiece to change. Well, I disagree. With a high quality swab and proper technique, you should feel confident that you are not harming your mouthpiece.

Plus, it's just plain gross not to swab! Daily swabbing helps keep things clean and germ free.

The key is to use a swab which has no scratchy bits and is the right size and material. Your swab's pull-string-weight should be rubber coated and free of any exposed metal. Some swabs are too big for a mouthpiece. Make sure you can easily pull your swab through.

My favorite swab is the GEM silk swab, made by Gary E. Moody. It is very high quality and available for purchase here.

Please check out this video which demonstrates proper mouthpiece swabbing technique.

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