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ISHIMORI Solid Silver Ligature (Bb Clarinet)

Ishimori Solid Silver is the most solid in feel and sound. It is powerful and creates a superior hold on the playing experience, and it works great on lighter reeds.

ISHIMORI Solid Silver Ligature (Bb Clarinet)

  • We often get inquiries as to what ligature works best on our various lines of mouthpieces. Following an extensive search and detailed evaluations we have found the Ishimori Woodstone line of ligatures to function at the highest level.  


    For musicians who desire the most free, flexible and colorful experience - at a desirable price point, then Gold Plated Copper is a great option. Brushed Satin Gold Plated Copper adds nimble and crisp response, and blends added stability with tonal center. Solid Silver is the most powerful and solid. It works great with easy lighter reeds—it actually inserts strength, body and security of response into the experience! Solid Silver-Pink Gold is everything combined; it adds the flexibility and color of gold, but maintains the power and strength of Silver.

  • No returns on Ishimori ligatures.

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