Légère Signature Series Reed (Tenor Saxophone)
Good cane reeds offer more "zing." Légère offers “no fuss” instant playability. If you like a warm darker sound, and if you like instant playability, Légère is a great option.

Works great for Bass Clarinet!

Légère Signature Series Reed (Tenor Saxophone)

$37.39 Regular Price
$27.50Sale Price
    • Légère’s unique synthetic material increases longevity. Your Légère reeds will last longer than cane reeds.
    • No need to worry about your reed’s wetness. Moisture is irrelevant to a Légère’s function. Saliva and germs can't soak into Légère's synthetic material.
    • You may start with them as a backup solution, but you'll likely find Légère reeds in primary service in short order.
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