Peter Leuthner French Cut Professional reeds are a great all purpose design. They are freer blowing and warmer sounding than “Traditional” French designs.

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Peter Leuthner French Cut Professional Bb Clarinet Reeds

  • Made to highly precise standards from hand-selected, properly-aged, French-Var cane, Peter Leuthner Reeds now represents one of the world's ideals in reed performance standards. Leuthner Reeds are a great value because of their consistency and quality.  

    Features include:


    • Typical “Traditional” reeds are cut from 2.8mm blanks, but Leuthner French Cut Professional reeds are made from 3.2mm blanks. This produces more breadth and freedom.
    • The heart is a little bit meatier compared to “Traditional” reeds, further enabling a richer body of sound.
    • Leuthner’s hand selected cane used in this design is a little bit softer than the cane used in other brand's "Traditional" offerings – this brings forth a free and warm clarity to your tone.
    • Leuthner’s tip is superbly contoured. This makes your response reliable and comfortable.
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