Peter Leuthner German Cut Professional Bb Clarinet Reeds
Peter Leuthner German Cut Professional reeds are highly resonant and super responsive. They produce a very solid playing experience. Great on Eb mouthpieces!

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Peter Leuthner German Cut Professional Bb Clarinet Reeds

  • Made to highly precise standards from hand-selected, properly-aged, French-Var cane, Peter Leuthner Reeds now represents one of the world's ideals in reed performance standards. Leuthner Reeds are a great value because of their consistency and quality.


    Features include:


    • The width is narrower to enable tonal clarity. They work great on Eb clarinet too!
    • The heart is lower and the tip is firmer – this creates impeccable response and firm solidity.
    • Leuthner’s German design increases your range of dynamics. Cleaner softs and louder louds are easy.
    • Danger: those of you playing mouthpieces with inner window widths greater than 11.5mm – this reed isn’t for you.
    • Some people find the narrower profile more comfortable on the embouchure as they seal around the mouthpiece.
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