Peter Leuthner Viennese Cut Standard Bb Clarinet Reeds
Viennese Cut Standard reeds are great for players who prefer a thicker profile. They help you produce a darker tone with ease.

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Peter Leuthner Viennese Cut Standard Bb Clarinet Reeds

  • Made to highly precise standards from hand-selected, properly-aged, French-Var cane, Peter Leuthner Reeds now represents one of the world's ideals in reed performance standards. Leuthner Reeds are a great value because of their consistency and quality.


    Features include:


    • The tip is very flexible to enable effortless response, minimal tongue pressure, and a warm sound.
    • The heart is high—close to the tip—increasing stability.
    • The cane is softer and vibrates with enthusiasm, creating a very stable playing experience that remains free.
    • The thicker heart allows you to achieve a darker tone without sacrificing response. If, however, you prefer a sound with less cover, lighter strengths won’t close off or sound thin.
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