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Vandoren Bb Clarinet Reed Trimmer (V12 tip)

Here we have a perfect condition Vandoren Reed Trimmer with the V12 tip contour. It comes to you with all packaging and instruction manual as if new. I purchased it for $140 and used it for about a month. It is amazing how the different reed tip contours affect your reed's performance characteristics. The V12 contour creates a very responsive and flexible cut. But in the end I have decided to go with a different contour to best match my mouthpiece design's tip radius. Now you can acquire this beautifully designed tool at a discount.  


If you have been desiring a reed trimmer, these Vandoren options are very well made and a "must-have" for any serious reed advocate. Enhance your performance options by introducing the art of trimming to your lexicon of skills. If you like the V12 tip shape, this tool won't disappoint.

Vandoren Bb Clarinet Reed Trimmer (V12 tip)

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