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Original Kaspar LEFT-hander's B-flat clarinet ligature

Here we have a VERY rare, original Kaspar ligature—made for LEFT handers. If you are unfamiliar with their elegant design, Kaspar ligatures were made from solid nickel-silver (German-silver), which is in fact part nickel and part brass. This wonderful metal concoction is considered by many to have the best resonance, and some famous brass instruments were made from this same material (perhaps most famous were the Conn 8D horns used in many world class orchestras). Notice the brass-colored patina on the surface of the ligature, which represents its true identity as an original, as an antique, and as something unique.  


It is on the smallish size allowing it to fit well with small to medium circumference mouthpieces. It will work fine on larger mouthpieces, too, but you will have to open the screws. Smallish mouthpieces include: Vandoren, D'Addario, Kaspar, Zinner, EPIC™, SONO™. Larger circumference mouthpieces include some Buffet vintage models, Selmer, and some occasional vintage models.


At some point the previous owner lined the reed's contact surface area with teflon, which can provide a slightly freer and slightly more open playing experience. It can be removed without causing harm to the ligature if you wish.


Again, this rare ligature is even rarer in that Kaspar made it special for left-handers. That is to say that you would tighten the screws with your left hand. They still tighten in the "righty-tighty" direction, but for a left-hander, they are set in a far more convenient location.  


It is an inverted ligature—the the reed makes contact on the face of the ligature, and the screws would be set on the backside.


Kaspar ligatures are famous for providing a rich, colorful, and warm sound. They are indeed metal ligatures, but they play with an openness of other materials, likely in part due to their wonderful nickel-silver material.


This is a rare find, and if you are left-handed, you may well appreciate the newfound convenience this beautiful sounding ligature would invite into your performance life.

Original Kaspar LEFT-hander's B-flat clarinet ligature

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