EVO  E-flat Clarinet Accessories

EVO™ Eb-Flat Clarinet Barrel


Featuring a unique “small-bore” design, your upper left hand clarion pitch will come down, and your throat notes will have more core. Your sound will be rich and easy to control. Additionally, coupled with our EPIC™ and SONO™ Eb mouthpieces, the long-reed-cutout on one side will allow you to use Bb reeds, or German/Austrian reeds without having to cut them short to fit! Eb barrels are available in lengths 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45mm. (42mm is standard length option.)

EVO™ E-flat Clarinet Bell


​Bore taper improves response and resonance, thereby making it easier to play with flexibility and freedom.​ Light weight makes it much easier to hold your instrument for long durations. Optional Tonehole Extension darkens your sound and greatly improves your connection while crossing the break, making for a very fluid legato. Eb bell can be ordered with or without our tonehole extension.


EVO™ E-flat Tonehole Bell Extension


Our Eb Extension is custom designed to seamlessly blend with the body shape of your clarinet and our Eb bell, making it as elegant in its appearance as it is beautiful in its performance. Designed with our optimally located long tube E/B tonehole, this feature evens out your sound while crossing the break, darkens your tone, and makes your Eb play with a more C clarinet sort of feel. It works fantastically on excerpts like Bolero or the slow solo at the end of Mahler’s 9th (first movement). Our extension is a must-have accessory for all Eb players. It works great!

Features include:

  • Improved legato crossing the break

  • Darker tone

  • Better intonation 

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We realize that playing the E-flat clarinet under most circumstances require special attention and care. With this in mind, we offer Behn™ EVO™ E-flat clarinet accessories. CNC-machined from Behn™ Rubber II, they are designed to help make your E-flat clarinet playing experience easier, and even fun!

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