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Behn EVO hard rubber clarinet barrels are CNC-machined from Behn Rod Rubber II. Lightweight, no more warping, attractive seamless design, autofocus quality.

EVO  Hard Rubber Clarinet Barrels

CNC-turned from Behn™ Rod Rubber II, EVO™ clarinet barrels for Bb, A and Eb clarinet enhance response, improve pitch, lighten your clarinet, and feature our unique “autofocus” design. With all the chunky, fat wood barrels on the market, you’ll find EVO™’s amazing resonance to be very compelling. They feature a specially shaped bore/mass ratio that automatically focuses your sound for you. Compared to other barrels, you won’t have to work as hard to properly center your sound. And add to that, Behn™ Rod Rubber is far more consistent and reliable than wood, so the bore of our rubber barrels will always remain true!

EVO™ clarinet barrels feature the following unique attributes:

  • Material provides crack free peace of mind.

  • Bore remains true—no warping or becoming ovoid, as is all too common with wood barrels.

  • It won’t ever “blow-out.”

  • Bore shape allows you to pull out much farther while maintaining proper relative intonation. Now you have the luxury of pulling out a great deal and your throats won’t sag!

  • Its light weight makes holding your clarinet over lengthy intervals much more comfortable.

  • Wall thinness initiates quicker vibrations—faster response, fuller sound, and improved flexibility.

  • Attractive seamless design contours elegantly from your BEHN™ mouthpiece, to your EVO™ barrel, and your clarinet—it looks cool!

  • EVO™ barrels make your throat register sound more like the rest of your clarinet.

  • Autofocus design allows your embouchure be more comfortable.

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