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Trading in your OVERTURE Mouthpiece


When you are purchasing an OVERTURE clarinet mouthpiece, you are not only buying a great mouthpiece, but you are also investing in your future as a growing musician. When ready to upgrade to a hard rubber mouthpiece, BEHN™ will accept your OVERTURE clarinet mouthpiece as a trade-in towards the purchase of a brand new mouthpiece from our SONO and EPIC lines. And the good news doesn’t stop there! The trade-in value will always be the current list price of the OVERTURE mouthpiece, regardless of your original purchase price.

Behn Overture handcrafted clarinet mouthpieces—designed for students, beginners, and amateurs—perfect for marching band!

OVERTURE clarinet mouthpiece's rich tone belies the inexpensive price. You’ll have a great time learning the clarinet because it is so easy to sound so good on OVERTURE. OVERTURE clarinet mouthpieces are perfect for beginners, or high school students in need of a spare. They are inexpensive, sound great, and provide all that is needed for your musicianship to flourish.

Band directors and teachers, your students will learn faster. You will see your students immediately achieve a new level in their playing skills. OVERTURE clarinet mouthpieces are crafted with balanced rails and symmetrical facings; helping your students to quickly develop proper embouchure and articulation techniques.

Parents, you can feel confident that OVERTURE will be your child’s best option. These mouthpieces are made for the best possible growth. Your child will learn correctly on a BEHN™ OVERTURE mouthpiece.  

OVERTURE Clarinet Mouthpieces
Level 1:  Designed for the Student Musician 

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