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Mouthpiece Patch/Cushion

Never run out of mouthpiece patches! By offering our patch material in longer increments and by the roll, you now have the option to craft any size patch you like. You can even use it on the backside of your mouthpiece to prevent ligature scratches or slippage.


BEHN™ mouthpiece cushion tape is unique in that it doesn't leave residue upon removal. This makes for easy and instant cleanup. It is only 1/3 millimeter thick, yet it offers sufficient cushion to help grip the mouthpiece with a little more tactile feel than with no cushion at all. And its perfect balance of firmness and suppleness takes the "buzz" off the teeth. Double lip players on the other hand will appreciate how tactile the patch is, providing enough "grab" to provide a more confident "secure in mouth" feel, while being almost imperceptible in thickness.


It is much less expensive than prefabricated patches, as you can craft approximately 20 patches from 1' of our thin and clear patch strip. All you need is a pair of household scissors and you are ready to go.


It works great on Eb, Bb, and Bass Clarinet mouthpieces. It is elastic and highly durable and will not shift from use. It is easy to apply—simply peel the protective backer and stick to your mouthpiece's beak. You can easily peel off and reposition if needed. And months down the line, if you want to replace it, it simply peels off without fuss.


Comes in 1-ft, 5-ft, and 108-ft. rolls.

Mouthpiece Patch/Cushion

PriceFrom $9.00
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