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About Behn, LLC

Behn, LLC, (pronounced BAYN)  is a full service company that produces clarinet mouthpieces and accessories for players of all levels and offers refacing and customization services as well. The company was founded in 1992 by Bradford Behn and expanded to Behn Mouthpieces in 2003. Today, Behn, LLC, is owned by Bradford Behn and So Rhee and operates out of Edmond, Oklahoma.

Behn's high-tech 5-axis CNC manufacturing system, authentic reproduction of 1920s "Golden Era" Grade-A Rod Rubber, the 2005 introduction of VINTAGE™ Collection mouthpieces, and revolutionary patented design enhancements—used first in SIGNATURE Collection mouthpieces and now EPIC™ G-Series mouthpieces—attests unbound commitment to the mouthpiece arts.

In 2015, Behn introduced the EVO™ line of clarinet accessories—barrels and bells CNC-machined from BEHN™ Rod Rubber II—and SONO™ and EPIC™ lines of mouthpieces.

Best Rubber – Best Sound
Best Design – Best Sound
Best Craftsmanship – Best Sound
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