Behn SONO CNC-machined mouthpieces for B-flat clarinet, E-flat clarinet, and Bass clarinet.  SONO clarinet mouthpieces are designed for advanced students and professionals.
BEHN™ Rod Rubber II


BEHN™ Rubber II is our latest creation. It blends the purest compound, designed for optimum resonance, with modern manufacturing techniques. The result is a sweet and warm sound with the improved response and resonance that BEHN™ is famous for. We believe this is the best sounding modern rubber option available. BEHN™ Rubber II is used in our EVO™ barrels and bells as well as all SONO™ mouthpieces.

SONO  Clarinet Mouthpieces

Level 2:  Designed for Advanced Musicians and Professionals

These professional quality clarinet mouthpieces are hand-finished with care and precision for your musical inspiration to blossom.


Meticulously made to create a responsive and projecting tone, SONO™ is a great all-purpose clarinet mouthpiece. If you are seeking a more distinctive sound that projects with freedom and ease, SONO™ is a great option. 

CNC machined from BEHN™ Rod Rubber II. 

Mouthpieces available for Bb, Eb, and Bass Clarinets.

  • Beautiful workmanship—the rails, baffle and tip are all handcrafted for the utmost level of quality.  

  • Hand-applied facings make it free-blowing and highly resonant.

  • A-frame throat broadens your sound while keeping tonal concentration in proper balance.

  • BEHN™'s responsive rubber formulation imparts more tonal ring, and presence to your sound. 

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