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Behn BRIO BASS clarinet reeds (Special Sale)

Qty: 5 reeds


BRIO clarinet reeds are expertly crafted to blend our cane's vibrant and responsive personality with our design's purpose—more comfort, more resonance, better sound. BRIO's flexible tip architecture provides impeccable response, improved control within the all important 0-30mph range of the clarinet playing experience. But due to BRIO's cane-density, you'll also experience improved tonal warmth, core, and a seemingly unlimited ceiling for your sound to expand. You'll find that you can play softer, louder, and in more control with BRIO reeds.


NOTE: BRIO reeds run up to a half strength softer than most other brands. Please consider this when choosing your BRIO strength. For example, if you usually play Vandoren traditional 3.5, you might try BRIO 4 strength.

Behn BRIO BASS clarinet reeds (Special Sale)

$30.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
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