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Behn Artists and Clients

William Bill Hudgins, principal clarinetist of Boston Symphony Orchestra and Behn Artist

Behn VINTAGE and EPIC mouthpieces have taken me to a higher level in my clarinet playing. I have been playing them exclusively since 2008 in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. As principal clarinetist, I not only require a mouthpiece which reliably delivers a good, resonant sound and flawless response, but I want a mouthpiece that will help inspire me as well. Behn’s creations have consistently done that for me, and I believe his unique designs, material, and workmanship carry the key. Behn Vintage mouthpieces help me achieve my personal sound and a sound which distinctly carries through Symphony Hall with ease and clarity. I particularly enjoy the fact that I never have to push or force to be heard. Thank you, Brad! 

William Hudgins
Principal Clarinet, Boston Symphony Orchestra

A Conversation with Bill Hudgins
Principal Clarinet of Boston Symphony Orchestra
BEHN Artist

Recently, our friend Ed Joffe had the opportunity to interview Bill Hudgins, principal clarinet of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for his Woodwind Legacy Series. It is a wonderful conversation which allows you to learn more about Bill's musical history and gain some insight about his approach to the clarinet. You also get to hear him play, which is definitely a treat!

To view more videos from Ed Joffe's Woodwind Legacy Series, please check out his website

Bill Hudgins plays Behn EPIC HCV mouthpieces and ARIA reeds.

Bil Jackson.jpg

Brad’s mouthpiece artistry is truly unique. Behn EPIC synthesizes vintage mouthpiece sonic sensibilities with the flexibility of response I need. Regardless of whether I use synthetic or organic cane reeds, I get the sound and response I’m listening for. Well done!

Bil Jackson


Associate Professor of Clarinet, Vanderbilt University


Sam Caviezel, Associate Principal and E-flat Clrinetistist of Philadelphia Orchetra and Behn Artist

I've been playing on Behn VINTAGE and EPIC mouthpieces for Bb and Eb clarinets in the Philadelphia Orchestra for years, and I am VERY satisfied. The Philly Orchestra's acoustics need me to play "big" at times and Behn mouthpieces uniquely allow me to do that while maintaining a dolce character of sound, which is very important to me. They articulate easily, with a beautiful shape and good ping, and their legato is smooth and liquid. They blend beautifully with the rest of the orchestra's wind section—but can project an assured and colorful solo voice when necessary with aplomb. In short, I am extremely happy playing Behn mouthpieces, and I admire and respect his dedication and artistry. Thank you Brad! 

Sam Caviezel
Associate Principal and E-flat Clarinet,

Philadelphia Orchestra


Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my clarinetist's heart for the joy of playing a Behn EPIC mouthpiece all these years! It is absolutely breathtaking for me the ease with which I am able to produce my sound and articulate and play smoothly in all registers with this amazing tool. I feel that my Behn mouthpiece has enhanced all of my performances and has helped me express myself more directly. It simply responds to that voice in my head. What more could a musician ask for?

Larry Passin

Principal Clarinet,

Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona i Nacional de Catalunya


Throughout the years, we have met and worked with some incredible artists through our mouthpiece adventures. Some of them just happen to be our favorite people, and some have become cherished friends.  Here, we share some of our favorite moments.

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