Making BEHN Proprietary Rod Rubber

The Making of
BEHN Proprietary

Rod Rubber

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Natural rubber is mixed with sulfur and other ingredients to produce a doughy like compound. This material is rolled into rod shaped links and then placed into our mold. The mold is placed into a press where heat and pressure are applied for a long cure cycle. The resulting rods are then CNC-machined into mouthpieces.

Behn™ Proprietary Rod Rubber is used in all EPIC™ clarinet mouthpieces. To learn about the inspiration behind this unique rubber formulation, please read "The 'EPIC' Story: Bringing 1920s 'Golden Era' Henri Chedeville Mouthpieces Back!"

To learn about our manufacturing process, please visit our Manufacturing page.

BEHN™ Rod Rubber II


BEHN™ Rubber II is our latest creation. It blends the purest compound, designed for optimum resonance, with modern manufacturing techniques. The result is a sweet and warm sound with the improved response and resonance that BEHN™ is famous for. We believe this is the best sounding modern rubber option available. BEHN™ Rubber II is used in our EVO™ barrels and bells as well as all SONO™ mouthpieces.

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