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Experience the BEHN difference

the highest quality in clarinet mouthpieces, accessories, reeds, and services

BEHN™ clarinet mouthpieces, barrels, bells, and reeds are purposely designed and beautifully crafted to enhance your resonance and improve your comfort.


BEHN™’s innovative designs, sweet-sounding rubber, and superlative quality will redefine your playing experience. Our concept “Maximal Resonance – Minimal Effort” is at the heart of each and every product we make. If sparkling vibrancy, tonal richness, and ringing sweetness are important to you, then, BEHN™ is your solution. 


The weight of your clarinet can become burdensome or even destructive. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, wrist pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, and TMJ, are all too common within the clarinet community. These ailments can shorten your playing sessions, reduce your technical proficiency, and at worst, shorten your career! Rest assured, BEHN™ accessories are designed specifically with you in mind and are made to enhance your comfort. They're lighter in weight and can promote an improved ergonomic interface with your body.

Brad had the wonderful opportunity to chat via Skype with Sean Perrin, the host and founder of Clarineat: The Clarinet Podcast. Sean asked insightful questions, which led to a very interesting conversation about many different topics. Brad was honored to be invited and had a great experience.

Brad Behn was honored to be interviewed by Ed Joffe for his Woodwind Legacy Series. Brad really enjoyed and appreciated the in-depth discussion on sound, design, and mouthpiece concepts, and to talk a little about our newest products. Many thanks to Ed for his time, generosity, and friendship. Be sure to check out Ed's website Joffe Woodwinds and his wonderful CD, insightful book on woodwind doubling, and interviews with some very interesting people in our wonderful woodwind world.

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