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EVO™ Bb/A "Svelte" Clarinet Barrel
EVO™ Svelte Barrel – This hour-glass shaped barrel works equally well on Bb or A clarinets. Available in 64, 65, 66, and 67mm lengths. Svelte barrels are very light in weight, yet rich in tonal scope. Their minimal-mass/maximal-sound design increases tonal center, response, and flexibility—all the while reducing the heft of your clarinet. 

Just relax, and let the sound come on its own.  Its “skinny” appearance may cause you to think it will produce a thinner sound, but in fact the contrary is true.  Since it is made from rubber – its sidewall thickness needn’t be thick (as is required with wood to prevent cracking).  And with low mass, it resonates quicker with ease.  Don’t be fooled by its elegant svelte design—it actually sounds fuller than fat barrels!

EVO™ Bb/A "Svelte" Clarinet Barrel

  • CNC-turned from Behn™ Rod Rubber II, Behn™ barrels for Bb, A and Eb clarinet enhance response, improve pitch, lighten your clarinet, and feature our unique “autofocus” design. With all the chunky, fat wood barrels on the market, you’ll find EVO™’s amazing resonance to be very compelling. They feature a specially shaped bore/mass ratio that automatically focuses your sound for you.  Compared to other barrels, you won’t have to work as hard to properly center your sound. And add to that, Behn Rod rubber is far more consistent and reliable than wood; therefore the bore of our rubber barrels will always remain true!


    EVO™ barrels feature the following unique attributes:

    • Material provides crack free peace of mind
    • Bore remains true—no warping or becoming ovoid as is all too common with wood barrels
    • It won’t ever “blow-out”
    • Bore shape allows you to pull out much farther while maintaining proper relative intonation. Now you have the luxury of pulling a great deal and your throats won’t sag!
    • Light-weight makes holding your clarinet over lengthy intervals much more comfortable
    • Wall thinness initiates quicker vibrations—faster response, fuller sound, and improved flexibility
    • Attractive seamless design contours elegantly from your Behn mouthpiece, to your EVO™ barrel, and your clarinet. It looks cool!
    • EVO™ makes your throat register sound more like the rest of your clarinet
    • Autofocus design allows your embouchure be more comfortable
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