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EVO™ Eb Tonehole Bell Extension
The Behn EVO™ Eb Tonehole Bell Extension is custom designed to seamlessly blend with the body shape of your clarinet and our Eb bell, making it as elegant in its appearance as it is beautiful in its performance.   Designed with our optimally located long tube E/B tonehole, this feature evens out your sound while crossing the break, darkens your tone, and makes your Eb play with a more C clarinet sort of feel.  It works fantastically on excerpts like Bolero or the slow solo at the end of Mahler’s 9th (first movement).   Our extension is a must-have accessory for all Eb players!  It works great.

EVO™ Eb Tonehole Bell Extension

  • Features Include:

    • Improved legato crossing the break
    • Darker tone
    • Better intonation 

    NOTE:  Eb bell sold separately.

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