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EVO™ Eb Clarinet Bell
EVO™ Eb Clarinet Bell – Bore taper improves response and resonance, thereby making it easier to play with flexibility and freedom.  Light weight makes it much easier to hold your instrument for long durations.  Optional Tonehole/Extension darkens your sound and greatly improves your connection while crossing the break – making for a very fluid legato.  Eb bell can be ordered with or without our tone hole extension.

EVO™ Eb Clarinet Bell

  • CNC-turned from our rod rubber, Behn EVO™ bells for Bb/A and Eb clarinets respond with more ring and energy.  Their minimal-mass/maximal-sound design increases tonal center, response, and flexibility – all the while significantly reducing the heft of your clarinet. 

    The lighter weight of Behn EVO™ bells will improve your comfort. 

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