ZINNER Clarinet Mouthpieces
Level 2:  Designed for Advanced Musicians and Professionals

Handcrafted from Zinner blanks, these clarinet mouthpieces have a warm and dark tone. Free-blowing, reed-friendly, and easy to play, BEHN™ Zinner clarinet mouthpieces are a great choice for both you and your students!

Did you know that a shark's skin is slightly porous; this creates a thin film of water that surrounds the shark, letting it slip through the water with more speed and efficiency.


Similarly, by carefully texturing your mouthpiece's internal surfaces, we improve the way your air travels through.

Zinner’s squared bore crown helps

produce its dark tone.

Available in 6 different facing options—0.95, 1.05, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45, 1.65mm—we offer something for everyone.  

NOTE: As many of you know, the Zinner company in Germany has closed their business. We still have some Behn Zinner Bb and Eb mouthpieces in stock; however, most of the Bb mouthpieces do not have our BEHN logos etched on them. For a limited time, get your Behn Zinner mouthpiece (may or may not have our logo) at 20% OFF! As we are closing out this product line, all Zinner mouthpiece sales are final (i.e., NO RETURNS). Offer cannot be applied to previously purchased mouthpieces.

Click Behn™ ZINNER options below to learn more and purchase.

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