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Antique Selmer Bb clarinet mouthpiece

This is an EXTREMELY rare Selmer mouthpiece.  


Here we have a very nice performing mouthpiece which was made from the finest rubber of the golden era. It features a medium-sized chamber and largish bore dimension for very comfortable, reed-friendly performance attributes. In its former life it was shortened 1mm to bring the pitch up in such a way as to tune very well with standard length and 1mm longer barrels. Furthermore, in its previous life, it was expertly reconditioned and faced by Don Jin Kim of Philadelphia (he currently resides in Seoul, Korea).  


This mouthpiece is a very nice player, and its slightly shortened and beautiful restored facing invites the very best potential within. On the table, one can very faintly witness the antique "Table HS" stamp which is indicative of its age. But add to that the unique Selmer script logo and brass insert logo—this an extremely rare and fine specimen. If you are looking for a fine playing antique mouthpiece, which has been expertly reconditioned for modern performance and pitch needs, this mouthpiece is a fantastic option.  


This mouthpiece's facing is made with a beautifully applied 1.01mm tip and 18mm length. It has a lovely rich, full resonance and an easy, reliable response. It has a sizable sound, which is nonetheless nimble and crisp. It is a great all purpose mouthpiece, tailored for the "Philadelphia of old" orchestral sentiment. You can't go wrong with this fine antique mouthpiece, as the performance makes the price a bargain.

Antique Selmer Bb clarinet mouthpiece

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