EVO™ Haptic Bb/A Adjustable Barrel (Special Pre-sale)

Congratulations! By special invitation, you've landed on a private pre-sale page featuring our new BEHN adjustable barrels.


Please take a look at our high-tech, innovative, patent-pending design, video demonstration, and special pre-sale pricing of our adjustable barrels. Please know that pricing is introductory and will increase in the near future. We are currently in the midst of our first large production run and will slowly release them as inventory builds. So by giving you the first opportunity to own a very special product—something which took 4 years to fully develop and the required investment of a full factory here in the US—we offer special thanks to you for your support of BEHN, LLC.


Offered here are two types of adjustable barrels, both made from BEHN rod rubber for optimum dimensional stability and impeccable resonance. Both are available with our patent-pending +HAPTIC Feedback built into the center ring's motion. Every 1/4 turn, you'll feel a slight point of resistance and release, giving you blind access to the exact position of your barrel's length.


One features a center tuning ring made out of Stainless Steel (SS), and the other features a center tuning ring made out of Hard Rubber (HR). The HR version is extremely lightweight at only 26 grams (note that a standard fixed length barrel with metal rings is typically around 46 grams by comparison). This is noteworthy especially if you find the weight of the clarinet cumbersome and seek a lighter, more comfortable experience. But the sound isn't light at all—it is full, lively, and flexible. The SS version is heavier at 56 grams, offering significant sturdiness, tonal impact, and resonant power. We personally can't decide which one we prefer. If you want the power of the heavier version and don't care about the added weight, then that's the one we'd suggest. If, however, you desire a lower entry cost and lighter weight is very important to you, then go with the HR version. Just don't try the SS afterwards! 😉


As for function, each barrel is made to remain rigid, strong, and robust; however we do encourage the use of lubrication on the sockets to ensure ease of use. Each barrel is made with 5mm range of motion providing 63-68mm functionality. That should be sufficient for any need.  


Please view the video demonstration showing how these barrels function.

EVO™ Haptic Bb/A Adjustable Barrel (Special Pre-sale)

Center Ring Option

    Hard Rubber center ring—$450
    (introductory price $325)


    Stainless Steel center ring—$600
    (introductory price $450)

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