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Lelandais Bb clarinet mouthpiece blank

Notes from Brad Behn:


This is a post war era Lelandais Bb clarinet mouthpiece blank which I refaced to a 1.05mm tip opening and 18mm length—smack dab in the medium facing category. It is perfectly balanced, features thin rails for quick response, and it is made from fine post war era molded rubber.  This particular blank is the same type used in other mouthpiece makes to include some Kaspars, Bonade, Delacroix, Dupre, to name a few. Its voice is both rich and chocolaty with a refined concentration to the sound. It projects with fullness and grace, its voice easily carries to the back of the hall, and it is very quick to respond. It has been beautifully restored to function better than ever. While some scratches are apparent on the body, this mouthpiece has a perfect crisp and freshly applied facing. Its beautifully formed internals are in great shape. And it has never been refaced prior to my work. This means that it has plenty of life to give, and there are plenty of refacings left in its future.  


Lelandais purchased the Chedeville company back in the later 1940s and following the war, and continued Chedeville's prowess as the world's leading mouthpiece maker with vigilance. During the post war era, Chedeville/Lelandais brands commingled and often times one would see either or represented by the same blank. During this time, Lelandais trademarked their blanks with the logo "Qualite Superieure" representing the era, the rubber, and the quality of the blank in question. In fact this blank has that logo to the right of the table, but it is too faint to appear easily in photography. Furthermore there is a faint 7* number to the right of the table, which also was a common logo during the Lelandais post war era. This blank is the real deal.


Eventually the Glotin company acquired the Chedeville brand, but it was never the same. The mouthpieces by the Lelandais and Chedeville company from the 70s forward were made differently and performed differently than those older versions.


This particular one represents the best of the Lelandais brand from the post war era.  


If you are looking for a vintage mouthpiece but you are on a budget, if you want to try without risk, then this is your perfect opportunity.  I think you will be very pleased.

Lelandais Bb clarinet mouthpiece blank

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