BAY Bb Clarinet Ligature (unplated nickel-silver)

We love these Bay clarinet ligatures for their flexibility and ring, all at an exceptional price. They are metal (preferred for tonal ring and response), made with two screws (ideal for proper tension and security), and they feature a thin unplated Nickel-Silver material for optimum flexibility and a vibrant response.



  • These ligatures are custom made to fit perfectly on BEHN™ mouthpieces.
  • Their proprietary unplated material (nickel-silver) is most vibrant, flexible, and tonally rich.
  • Their low-mass, thinner gauge metal provides full vibrancy, even when cranked tight.
  • They combine the freedom and flexibility of cloth-type and string ligatures with the tonal ring and core of metal ligatures.

BAY Bb Clarinet Ligature (unplated nickel-silver)

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