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EPIC™ G-Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
Two EPIC™ models feature our patented modern geometry designs that invite you to hold your clarinet closer to your body. If you tend to hold your clarinet out too much, or if you tend to hold your head downward when playing, we have invented a new design meant to help you out. EPIC™’s two patented “Geometry” options are specially designed to allow you to hold your head up straight, yet maintain an ergonomically comfortable relationship of your instrument with your body. See PRODUCT INFO for additional details.

EPIC™ G-Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

PriceFrom $1,050.00
  • Your musicianship requires the best. You demand the highest standards of your equipment. Your mouthpiece must not only serve the demands of your technical execution, but it must inspire. EPIC™ will help you achieve an artistic level that is greater than you had imagined.


    EPIC™’s demanding standards of execution come from the culmination of everything we have learned from our 25-year history. EPIC™’s marvelous voice is available to clarinetists of all genres. Whether it is in a classical, jazz, or concert band setting, there is a perfect EPIC™ for you.


    EPIC™ G-0 is made with our patented 0 degree geometry, making the facing set at an angle that is 4 degrees steeper than traditional facings. This means that you will hold your clarinet 4 degrees more vertically, your upper arms will be more inline with your upper body, and the weight of your instrument will be more on your shoulders instead of your elbows. You will be more comfortable, you can hold your head up, and neckstraps function much better too!


    G-0 combines an A-framed throat with our signature S-curve baffle contouring to produce a sound that is highly responsive, tonally concentrated, and projects with beauty and ease. 


    EPIC™ G-4 is made with our patented -4 degree geometry, making the facing set at an angle that is 8 degrees steeper than traditional facings. This means that you will hold your clarinet 8 degrees more vertically.  


    G-4’s internals are closely based on HCV. Its chamber however is slightly larger being medium in size. Its gentle A-framed orientation, combined with its patented geometric inclination, amazingly reduces tonal inclusions ("sizzle" and unwanted reed noise). You’ll find lots of tonal depth and power in your sound. 


    EPIC™ is also available in traditional geometry in two models:

    • HCV (small chamber)
    • G4 (large chamber)
  • No returns on custom facings.

    Returned merchandise will only be accepted if postmarked within 7 days of the delivery date. All returned mouthpieces must be in original condition and packaging—no scratches, no ligature or teeth marks.

    All order cancelations and domestic refund totals will be assessed a 5% fee to cover our merchant processing fees. Returns from outside the U.S. will be assessed a 15% restocking fee to cover merchant processing fees as well as any U.S. re-entry customs and/or brokerage fees.

    Please contact us if you have special concerns. Any merchandise returned late or damaged will be considered sold and will be returned at your expense.

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