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EVO™ Bb/A Clarinet Bell

EVO™ Clarinet Bell – Bore design improves intonation of the long tube notes, lowering their sharp tendencies in the middle register. Small-bore design helps properly center your sound, eliminating unpleasant "long-tube-spread." Its light weight makes it much easier to hold your instrument for long durations. Works great on Bb or A clarinet.

OPTIONAL INTONATIONAL VENT HOLE: We have observed that some more recently-produced clarinets have been redesigned, making their long tube notes lower than on previous iterations. We have a solution! EVO™ Bb/A bells can be ordered with an optional intonational vent hole.

EVO™ Bb/A Clarinet Bell

  • CNC turned from our rod rubber, Behn EVO™ bells for Bb/A and Eb clarinets respond with more ring and energy.  Their minimal-mass/maximal-sound design increases tonal center, response, and flexibility – all the while significantly reducing the heft of your clarinet. 

    The lighter weight of Behn EVO™ bells will improve your comfort. 

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