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Lelandais Eb clarinet mouthpiece

Here we have a beautiful condition Lelandais Eb clarinet mouthpiece. Although it is rather old, it was never used, and it was properly stored, thereby allowing it to maintain its original luster. It has a resonant and responsive personality, its facing is a medium-open 1.10mm tip with a medium 34 length (17mm). The table is factory original (flat) and the facing was implemented by me. You can see in the photos that its overall condition and facing are flawless, but what you can't see is how it sounds and performs. 


This beautiful mouthpiece truly represents the old school craftsmanship and resonance of the old days. It allows the Eb clarinet to sound like an Eb clarinet, not a Bb clarinet in disguise. This mouthpiece represents the instrument's true personality with beauty and grace, yet it can allow you to bring out the strong characters within the orchestral literature with confidence as well. It has character, personality, and spirit.  

Lelandais Eb clarinet mouthpiece

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