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Selmer Table HS* Bb clarinet mouthpiece

This fine Selmer HS* mouthpiece represents a rare period during the post-war era when Selmer hit its stride. These rather rare examples of Selmer's pre-oval stamp era were made during a transition period. This rare, fascinating series of Selmer mouthpieces were flanked by a middle-bodied Selmer logo location with the rare and cherished "Table HS*" designation (notice the small font and lower case lettering). What all that means is that this particular mouthpiece was made during a transition from the older lower-body logo period to the newer oval-stamp era. But the most important thing to know is that this mouthpiece's rubber quality is superb. The sound and range of colors attainable on this material helps you achieve new levels of richness, and its responsive facing provides a secure platform for your artistry to unfold with ease and comfort.


This particular mouthpiece tunes lower than most standard Selmer oval stamped offerings as its baffle is interestingly deeper than typical, and it has a nice medium-large bore to enable your intonation to remain in a responsible A=440 environment on standard length barrels.  


This mouthpiece has a standard responsive and comfortable facing of 1.03mm tip opening and 18mm length. This facing is ready to go and doesn't need any adjustment. It is a very nice orchestrally oriented mouthpiece and should serve your career with integrity and longevity. It still has plenty of life to give.


If you are seeking a great old mouthpiece, then this Selmer offering is a good option. It offers the performance of the old greats, but it is much less expensive. It is very easy to play, offers a deep and rich sound, with comfort and reliable response.

Selmer Table HS* Bb clarinet mouthpiece

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