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Reed Knife

All reed players should have a reliable reed knife, and we have found one that you will love! At last, a reed knife which is affordable, effective, has the perfect shape, and works great—all for only $20!


These knives feature:


  • Comfortable handle for safe precision work.

  • Very sharp blade made from European hardened steel.

  • Easy to sharpen—you can use your home cutlery’s steel!

  • Comes with a sheath for safe secure storage.

  • Two blade contours in one:

    a. Flat portion for scraping, shaving, carving

    ​b. Curved portion for precise spot work

  • Hardened steel for a lifetime of service. Everyone should get one! It is our favorite reed knife, and no other knife in our possession feels as good in hand, performs as well, and remains as sharp!

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