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Our “sweet sound” and “superb response”.  Behn's world class materials, innovative designs, and superb craftsmanship deliver a superlative playing experience.

Best Rubber - Best Sound
Best Design - Best Sound
Best Craftsmanship - Best Sound 

Behn Mouthpieces continually pushes new ground by passionately raising the bar of what is possible from both a playing perspective as well as a manufacturing perspective.  Accolades from our 23 year history include Behn’s high-tech, 3-D CNC manufacturing system, Behn’s truly authentic reproduction of 1920's golden era, GRADE-A rod rubber, Behn's 2005 introduction of Vintage Collection mouthpieces, and Behn's revolutionary patented design enhancements used in Signature Collection mouthpieces.  These impressive achievements express the culmination of our unrelenting efforts, exhaustive research, and intense drive to make the absolute best mouthpieces in the world!

Since our beginning in 1992, we have invested thousands of hours in the art of clarinet mouthpiece restoration and refacing.  Our glorious rubber acoustics and world-class CNC manufacturing system are benchmarks within the industry.  And now, raising customer service to a new level, we offer lifetime satisfaction guarantees!  

No other maker of mouthpieces has as much experience on the bench, as many creative innovations, and as much depth of customer service. 

Behn Vintage Collection logoVintage Collection II  remains the industry standard because of our unparalleled commitment to maximized resonance, superior quality of craftsmanship, and exceptional tonal beauty.  And, from our firm and steadfast commitment to progress, we now offer something totally unheard of in the industry - Large and Small chamber designs to choose from.  Vintage Collection mouthpieces are meticulously made and artfully sculpted to carefully reproduce the distinctly beautiful sounds of their forefathers, but now the choice is profound.  Vintage Collection advances to its second generation with expanded tonal reach and two very different designs.  Both world class, each has a unique and beautiful tone-signature.  This is an exclusive in the industry!  And that's not all. You can become personally involved in the manufacturing process with our custom ordering feature!  You can now easily select tip opening, facing curvature, rail-thickness, and resistance characteristics to personalize the uniqueness of your desired sound and playing characteristics.  There is nothing like it anywhere! All of these truly ground breaking innovations place Behn Mouthpieces in a class of our own!

Behn Signature Collection logoBehn Signature Collection private reserve logoBehn’s continuous drive to enhance your playing experience has led us to the pinnacle of our twenty years:  Signature Collection. With three patented, totally unique and distinctive designs, they are made to more fully enhance resonance.  They will not only surprise you, but they will delight you with a breathtaking playing experience!  Behn Signature mouthpieces introduce new heights to acoustics, and the most advanced designs in the world. They will allow you to experience new dimensions in your artistry.  If you are open minded, their totally unique playing experience will give you more than you imagined possible.  Made from Behn Proprietary Rod Rubber, Signature Collection combines the very best in imagination, science, and artistry.

Behn Zinner Collection mouthpieces utilize the very popular Zinner blanks Behn Artist Collection logoas their source material.  These blanks are brought to their highest possible playing potential by Behn’s unique resonance treatments, and are then followed by a finishing process with special attention to eye appealing beauty.  What this means to you is that you can affordably experience the Behn difference.  Now you can enjoy the sound of the famed Zinner, combined with the artistic craftsmanship that has made Behn stand out to clarinetists around the world.  A perfect partnership!

Behn Overture Collection logo

Behn Signature Collection quality

Finally, Overture Collection brings affordable mouthpieces of the highest quality to students. They are designed to specifically help you develop correct embouchure and articulation techniques. Overture is a great, fun way to ensure that your playing ability will easily advance to the next level.  And not only that, Overture mouthpieces sound amazing!  Your band director will be very pleased that you chose an Overture!

In summary, Behn offers the largest choice, understandable, in-depth explanations, and imagery like no one else.  For the first time you'll feel enlightened to accurately choose your perfect mouthpiece.  Our rich and impressive array of choice will empower you to craft your musical vision, your artistic expression, and your unique voice with confidence and pleasure. 

We sincerely would like to help you on a personal level. We invite you to explore this website which is rich with valuable information.  We have included many pictures of our beautiful craft along with detailed explanations of our very special mouthpieces, so that you can make the best choice possible.  But if for any reason you require assistance, we always welcome your questions. So please don't hesitate to contact us!

A couple of things that give us a great sense of fulfillment is helping our clientele and making lifelong friends along the way.  So whether you’re an absolute beginner, an avid hobbyist, an amateur player in a community band, or a professional, we really look forward to meeting you!  We sincerely want to help you with your mouthpiece needs, and we want you to know that we are here for you.  All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to assist you. And don't worry, we won't pressure you to buy.  We don't operate like that.  On the other hand, our wonderful mouthpieces sell themselves.  But, while you may not be in the market, or perhaps you are a little shy about your knowledge, we are confident that can be of great assistance to you and your artistry.

And of course, when you are ready to explore upgrading, with Behn at your side, you can be confident that you will get the very best mouthpiece in the world.  

We look forward to your call!


Bradford Behn


Best Rubber
Best Sound

Pioneers in rubber-science and acoustics, Behn Proprietary Rod Rubber is unrivaled in the industry.

Behn extrusion-free Vintage rubber production system

Best Design
Best Sound

Imagination, science, and artistry unite to bring our innovative patented ideas to life.

Behn mouthpiece design, the early stages

Best Craftsmanship
Best Sound

Our meticulously made mouthpieces look as beautiful as they sound.

Behn clarinet mouthpieces craftsmanship and design