Box of 10 reeds.


Made of superb Grade-A French-Var cane, Behn ARIA reeds produce a sweet, highly resonant sound with impeccable response.  


Features include:


  • ARIA’s exquisite cane is snappily vibrant, resulting in greatly responsive reeds that allow you to play with minimal embouchure pressure. ARIA focuses for you, inviting you to play with less bite, more comfort, and more freedom.
  • ARIA’s fine-tip construction invites nimble response and tonal clarity.
  • ARIA’s vamp profile is balanced with a gradual slope—perfect for full and long vibrations. You can feel the entire reed blade vibrate, inviting full production of overtones.
  • ARIA’s heart perfectly balances its finer tip, providing enough material to blow with full wind, and it still holds up to the vigors of professional service. But the heart isn’t so thick as to stifle response or require additional bite to focus. ARIA’s heart simply serves the tip’s wonderful responsiveness and bridges the reed’s vibrations to the rest of the vamp.
  • ARIA reeds are a great value because you will find more professional quality reeds in a box than with other brands.
  • ARIA reeds are packaged in ecologically responsible cardboard. No plastics here!
  • ARIA reeds are made to over perform a fine homemade reed. Improved response, longevity, and tonal richness can be expected.


NOTE: ARIA reeds run approximately a half strength softer than most other brands. Please consider this when choosing your ARIA reeds. For example, if you usually play Vandoren traditional 3.5, you might first try ARIA 4 strength or 3.5/4 Combo Strength Box.


SOLD OUT OF 4.5 and 5.0 STRENGTHS: We are currently sold out of the 4.5 and 5-strength reeds. You may pre-order the reeds now and we will ship as soon as we have them available. Due to COVID-19, we're experiencing extended delays in transit from our reed manufacturer in Europe. We estimate that the reeds will be back in stock in mid July. We apologize for any inconvenience to you and appreciate your patience. If you do not wish to pre-order but wish to be notified when they are available, please contact us. Please note that if you order other items along with "pre-order only" reeds, your entire order will ship when we have all items in stock. If you need items to ship ASAP, please order them separately from out-of-stock reeds.

Behn ARIA Bb clarinet reeds

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