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Behn, LLC, raises the bar of what is possible in mouthpiece performance. Accolades from our nearly 25-year history include Behn’s high-tech, 3-D CNC manufacturing system, Behn’s truly authentic reproduction of 1920's golden era, GRADE-A rod rubber, Behn's 2005 introduction of VINTAGE™ Collection mouthpieces—built from the ground-up–and Behn's revolutionary patented design enhancements. These achievements express the culmination of our unrelenting efforts, exhaustive research, and intense drive to make the absolute best mouthpieces in the world.

Since our beginning in 1992, we have invested thousands of hours in the art of clarinet mouthpiece restoration and refacing. Our glorious rubber acoustics and world-class CNC manufacturing system are benchmarks within the industry. No other maker of mouthpieces has as much experience on the bench, as many creative innovations, and as much depth of customer service as Behn.

Now to celebrate our upcoming 25th anniversary we have created all-new mouthpiece designs—EPIC™ and SONO™—and we introduce EVO™ bells and barrels, reeds, and tools—all made to help your artistry blossom.

And of course, we now have online ordering, making it much more convenient for you to place your orders!

We hope you will enjoy our new website, and we welcome your thoughts. Please drop us a line, send an email, and let us know what you think. Thank you for visiting with us.

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